I have no education in the arts. Being self taught and finding new things in those cracks has been a fantastic path to follow.

I shoot film because I’m a process person. I don’t take pictures merely as a means to an end, but for the whole process. Film shows the world the way it actually is because it is a reflection of the world as a medium. Unexpected. Untidy. It’s polished by the touch of many hands over a century and a half. Rubbed smooth by water. Worn by the tread of many feet.

It’s organic, and comfortable. Every step of the process is enjoyable. It isn’t the easiest approach to capturing images. But hard things are always more rewarding and more worthwhile.

I find myself moving more than sitting still these days. Hiking in the woods, pedaling around the country, poking about and seeing what I can see. I rarely don’t have a camera. I rarely pass a day without taking a few frames. And I always try to have the sort of day that contains something worth seeing.

I’ll be glad to shoot you if our paths meet. I’ll be glad to journey with you.